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Born in Toledo Ohio Christopher Henderson also known as thatguyListen developed a love for music at an early age. He loved listening to music and learning the lyrics to his favorite songs.a self proclaimed band geek (due to the fact that he was a member of the marching and concert bands from 7th grade thru high school) At the age of 8 he wrote his first rhymes and chose to go by the name of LC

short for lil Chris and was in his first group known as clique 3.

his first real songs were recorded over cassette tapes over popular artist instrumentals. at 16 he decided to take music more seriously and began the rap group tha Fitz and recorded his first actual project called d day

almost 20 years ....8 projects ....and hundreds of shows later thatguyListen the self proclaimed 30 something year old

rapper with a receding hairline is still at it and on a mission.


thatguyListen, Silent 3 part 1, album cover
thatguyListen, Silent 3 part 2, album cover
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